The main idea of opening an ORGANIC café came from the sad reality that all diseases and health problems come through the food.
Green Corner Café is designed with concept of clean and natural food that is free of chemicals and elements of uniqueness.
To achieve our goal we use mostly Organic Food; our bread is 100% Vegan; we use meat obtained from animals and poultry raised with: No Antibiotics, No Hormones or Steroids; we do not use Animal by-products.
Since the health is our main asset we decide to serve our community by providing the food that contributes to health. In our Green Corner Café we are committed to food that is wholesome and healthy to eat. In most restaurants and cafes food is either tasty or healthy; in Green Corner Café we bring these two ideas together.

Green Corner Café is the Only eatery that:

Also Green Corner Café uses:

More than that Green Corner Café uses Classica Gold kitchen utensils by Healthy Cooking Technologies.

This world famous cooking technology provides the following benefits:

Even more, if you would like to have the same kitchen utensils at your home you can apply for the demonstration of the cookware abilities personally.

We are open:

Mon. - Thus 11am - 5pm

Fri. - Sat 11am - 6pm

Sunday - Closed

We invite you to taste our food. Thank you.